A Future Farm

From Farm to Plate and Beyond.

What We Do

Future Farm Food and Fuel, LLC was created  to use the waste streams of farms and other operations in order to create food, fuel, revenue, and to reduce our impact on the environment. We have implemented many processes on our farms that have allowed us to not only capture energy and reduce carbon output, but also to create revenue for the farm. Our state of the art greenhouse is using the fuel from the farm and is also helping to reduce the carbon footprint by minimizing our CO2 emissions. Our current projects include a greenhouse fueled by biogas (methane) and water from the milk cooling process, biofuel production using waste products and algae, fertilizer applications using our state of the art processing system, and consulting on how to make your farm the next future farms.

Food Products

Future Farm Food and Fuel offers a fine selection of naturally grown products. Your restaurant, store ,or you as a consumer will benefit from our lineup of products in many ways. Our great tasting products allow you to offer the best quality for your customer and by using or selling them you are becoming a part of the Green and Growing movement by helping us reduce our carbon footprint. Not only are these items grown naturally without harmful chemicals, they are also produced locally! It’s a win-win-win, you win, your customers win and mother earth wins! Learn more…. Vegetables, herbs, tilapia, coffee.


Future Farm Food and Fuels' supporting dairy farms have implemented state of the art manure processing systems that have allowed us to create products for the consumer market. Our sister dairy will be the first farm in the US to have an EPA permit to discharge their purified waste water directly to a stream. This process has allowed us to be able to, if needed, double the herd size without increasing the storage capacity. This process along with our anaerobic digester has given us unique fertilizer products through strategic separation of the effluent stream. We have solids that are great for compost, we have clay that can be burned as fuel, we have nitrogen rich concentrated liquids and liquids that are phosphate free. We also have distilled water that is cleaner than most waste water treatment plants. All of these products are valuable to people trying to grow plants, trees, and lawns without harmful chemicals. Just like our food it is good to know what we are putting on the plants around our home. Come into our store and try one of our many products on your plants. You will see the results immediately


Your farm could be a farm of the future. What if your cows could produce enough energy to heat the air and water for a 10, 20, 30 or even a 50 thousand square foot greenhouse enabling you to produce food year round while lowering carbon emissions? Or maybe you have some other operations in your area that use a lot of natural gas or propane. You can leverage the time, money, research and implementation skills we have into information and services that can help you make money with methane related farming practices and lower your carbon footprint.


More information coming soon.